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Free online Rummy vs real players

For all of you that just want to play online Rummy, my first recommendation would be to register a play money account at Skill7 and play there. This way you will get good software and enough players that still take the game seriously. You'll be able to brush up on your Rummy skills.

Now, if registering an account and downloading the software seems like to much of a hustle for you, there are other options. The easiest way to play online Rummy as well as any other game is obviously facebook. So for all facebook addicts out there I've found a nice Rummy application where you can play many Rummy games through your facebook account... Raminoz! Nice look as well as enough players to play against.

Play Rummy against a computer

If for whatever reason you are shy about playing against other players, you can still play against a computer opponent. There are free online Rummy games all over the web, here are just a few to help you get started:

Browser based Rummy game

Downloadable Rummy game

Downloadable Gin Rummy

Remember playing online Rummy games is fun, but nothing beats playing against real people, preferably in person, so read up on the rules, call your friends, teach them a new game and have fun!

Enjoy playing!

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