How to do the chip sweep

The chip sweep is one of the easiest tricks to learn and it also looks kinda cool when done well. Basically it's a way of picking up chips by sweeping them up like dominos.

So let's see how it's done...

Step 1.

Place your chips in a cascading line like in the picture below. You can use as many chips as you want, the only limit is your palm size (you can't use more chips than you can stack in your hand).

Step 2.

Grab a single chip with your thumb and index finger and gently slide it pass all the chips like this:

Step 3.

When you get twoards the end of the line slide the single chip to the back of your hand, so you'll be holding it between your thumb, ring finger and pinky. Once you get to the back of the line go a little pass it and let go with your thumb so that the single chip is leaned against your palm, pinky and middle finger.

Step 4.

Thrust back into the base of the last chip in the line, so that it lifts up and scoop up all the chips like dominos.

And you are done!

It might take a while before you'll be abble to do it smoothly, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Useful tips:

  • Use less chips at first.
  • Do this trick on a soft surface. Start out on a couch or something similar and soon you'll be able to do it at a poker table as well.



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