Card games for two

Are you alone with a friend and a deck of cards? Want to learn a few fun card games for two players? Well, you've come to the right place.

You can basically play any card game with only two players. So in case you want to play one of the more classic card games, check out these:

But if you came here to learn some games that ware created especially for two, keep reading...

Schnapsen rules

Schnapsen is a fun game for 2 players played with a 20 card deck(some variations have 24 card decks). The cards used are A, K, Q, J, T, (9).
It's not a particularly social game, since it involves quite a lot of thinking and a solid memory, but for all of you out there that are looking for something challenging, or just looking for something to outplay your friends in, it's perfect.

So learn the rules to Schnapsen!

The Bidding War

The Bidding War is a simple card game for two players. It's similar to the children's card game War, but it involves a little more skill. That means that, if you play better than your opponent, you can gain an edge on him and beat him more often than not.

Learn the rules of the Bidding War!

Tarok for two

Tarok is a fun card game played with a deck of tarot playing cards. These are the rules to the two player version...

...two player Tarock rules!

So have fun with your friend, spouse, partner or kid and enjoy your card game for two!

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