Play UNO online

No one to play UNO with? No problem, you can play UNO online or download the game and play on your computer.

If you feel the need to make things more interesting(play for money), I'll have to disappoint you, you can't play UNO for money(atleast not online)... but wait! There is a similar game called Crazy Eights that you can play on Skill7, so if you want to own players at this game for real, check it out.

This is by far the best version I could find online, so enjoy it!

If you don't want to wait, just click on the countdown

Uno 3 | Free online games with

Now, if you don't fancy playing in the browser, you can check out the free downloadable version of UNO here. This one is pretty solid, but kind of confusing at times(the first browser based one is better).

For those that want a more sociable experiance in online UNO I suggest they look around the games/card games app department on facebook. There you'll find many versions of UNO that you can play against other players and your friends.

And lastly, just for the hell of it, here's an old PC version of UNO from Mattel, that you can play in the browser. It's kinda crappy and it's played with a keyboard, but still you might want to have a look.

So enjoy playing UNO and make sure to check out the strategy section so you will get an upper hand on your opposition.

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