Tarot card games

Tarot card games are some of the more complex games around. Not many people know this, but tarot cards ware not used for fortune telling at first, but rather for playing tarot card games. It was only later in tarot history that people started using them to predict the future and interpret the present, probably due to their mystical images.

OK, let's get back to card games, this site is dedicated to them after all. Tarot games are played with special decks of tarot cards. These are not regular tarot cards and decks differ slightly from game to game. Also rules in a single game can differ a bit as well, so if you are playing with someone new, make sure that all players agree on the rules before hand.

Now that that's settled, let's take a look at some specific games...

Tarok rules

Tarok is a really fun card game for 2-4 players that is played with a special deck of tarot cards. It is kind of complicated, but if you put a little time in to learning the rules you won't be sorry. This specific variation is most popular in Slovenia.

Find out how to play Tarok for 3-4 players!

Find out how to play Tarok for two players!

Grosstarock rules

Grosstarock is probably the most interesting and exciting tarot games I know. To me it seems like a mixture of Tarok and Poker, more specifically, it reminds me of Chinese Poker. So what is so cool about Grosstarock and why is it like a mixture of these games? Well, it's played a lot like Tarok or any other similar tarot game, but it has a point system that makes players »put points into a pot«(kind of like betting in poker). So basically this game is really cool, if you want to play for real stakes, but are tired of poker.

So here we go, the rules for Grosstarock!

Partita rules

Partita is a simple tarot game from Italy. It's actually as simple as they come when it comes to tarot games, but you can complicate it as much as you want by adding signals.

Learn the rules of Partita!

Scarto rules

Scarto is the most basic tarot card game around. You can't complicate it and anyone can learn how to play it within minutes. So let's see what it's all about...

Learn the rules of Scarto!

Tarot card game for kids

If you want to teach your kids about tarot card games, than this is what you are looking for. A simple tarot card game that will help anyone get familiar with these beautiful cards.

Learn this game now!

Have fun playing tarot card games!

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