5 Exotic Forms of Blackjack Online

Everyone has played at least a few hands of blackjack in their lives, be it in a land-based or online casino or at home with friends. But little do they know that there are various forms of blackjack games, many of them very exotic, which usually can be found online. These are different from standard forms in terms of how many decks are used, what kind of rules are used, side bets that you can play in order to increase your potential win, odds or payouts etc. There are all kinds of flavors for every blackjack player including British players who tend to be very picky.

The majority of the exotic forms have been developed in the last decade by the popular casino game developers like Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT and other as a result of the race to offer a more attractive and interesting blackjack game. All of the online casinos powered by these offer a nice selection of card games including blackjack. So, here you can find 5 of those more exotic popular forms of blackjack games that can be played online.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Although many exotic blackjack games have been invented by the casino game companies, this one was invented by an individual named Richard A. Epstein. However, with the boom of online casinos it was adjusted for online play. In this variant the blackjack dealer receives two face-up cards instead of just one. This is a very significant difference compared to other blackjack games because you are getting valuable information from the start and thus you can plan your play more efficiently. However, as a result the natural blackjack payout has been reduced to even money, and the dealer always wins all blackjack ties. You can find this game at NetEnt casino.

Triple Sevens

Microgaming is one massive games developer, and has many card games in its portfolio among which Triple Sevens, a nice and high quality blackjack game with an exciting addition: a chance to win a progressive jackpot by achieving a 21 hand consisted of three 7s. Otherwise everything is pretty much the same as in a regular blackjack game with small rule variations depending on the casino in regard of when the dealer has to hit or stand. Usually he must hit on any hard or soft 16 or less and must stand on any total of 17 or more.

Blackjack Switch

You can’t go playing an exotic blackjack online game without trying out Playtech’s unique Blackjack Switch. In this one you get a very interesting feature of interchanging the top cards of your two hands. You actually start out with two separate hands, and if you don’t like the top cards of either one of them you can switch them before making any move in order to make yourself stronger hand(s). This exotic blackjack variant has one of the highest payout rates of them all, around 99.83%.

Perfect Pair Blackjack

Playtech is known for a wide variety of blackjack games, and Perfect Pair is another one of them. It is actually a classic blackjack game with an interesting and enticing side bet. If you decide to make the side bet, which is optional, you will get a big payout if one of the three possibilities show up:

  • The first two cards drawn are exactly alike in face value, for example, two 8s no matter what suit and color they are.
  • You get a colored pair, which means both cards in your hand need to be exactly alike in color and face value, while the suit is unimportant.
  • And, the highest paying combination, a perfect pair, where both hands are exactly alike regarding their suit, color and face value. The payout for a perfect pair is 25 to 1.

Blackjack Hot Streak Bonus - Player's Suite

This one is from IGT Interactive, one of the oldest casino game companies mostly popular for their land-based casino games from the 1970s. However, you can find this exotic blackjack game online at casinos where IGT is the supplier. In it you earn a bonus for every winning streak. In most games it wouldn’t matter if you won two, three or four hands in a row, but here it matters a lot. The higher your streak goes the higher the bonus goes.

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