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Looking for card games strategy material, books, rules, supplies or a place to play online? Maybe some fun stuff? If yes, then you landed correctly! On you can find rules for different games as well as strategies and other material. So if you want to learn a new game or polish up on an old one, just keep reading. Also remember to check back often, as new material as well as new games are added regularly!

Many games are covered here but one of the most popular card games for Canadian players in recent years is poker. While there is a lot of luck involved - it is a card game that you can develop an edge and become successful in if you dedicate some time to reviewing strategies. Other card games can be as much fun but not many are as rewarding. Many poker players actually earn a living playing poker.

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After poker blackjack is probably the most well-known card game, it doesn't demand quite the same range of skill as poker but there is some gameplay involved enabling you to lower the house edge if you decide to gamble.
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Why card games?

Because they are one of the oldest spare time activities. First playing cards originate from China, dating back more than a millennium! So yeah, they've been a popular way of killing time for a while now:)

For mobile gaming...

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Personally I've been playing since I can remember. My first memories date back to when I spent afternoons at my grandparents place. I used to play a childish game called Black Peter with my grandfather.

Later on I learned card games like Rummy, Tarock, Poker and Schnapsen from friends and I've enjoyed playing them ever since. In fact I enjoyed it soooo much that after discovering online gaming I started playing for an income and have been doing so for the past 5 years.

Try some games for free

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What will you find on this "planet"?

Everything related to card games! If you are looking for rules to a specific game, just check out the rules section. For those of you that are interested in more than just the rules, have a look at the section dedicated to the game that interests you.

In each section dedicated to a specific game you'll find everything from strategy material and where to play online, to fun ideas on how to make your card playing experience even more enjoyable.

And for all the history enthusiasts I've also prepared a history section where you can find brief histories of all the games featured on the site along with links to more extensive sources.

Take a tour of the planet!

Sooooo... if I piqued your interest in the world of card games, just explore the site and get great ideas for sociable pass time activities or lonely afternoons. With all the content provided here I can guarantee you'll find the right game for you!


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